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    Serial Number:                                  2528

    Journal Number:                                 47103

    Journal doi: 05-2016-44975451

    The Indian Journal of Physical Education, Sports and Applied Sciences (IJPESAS) is a scientific printed and electronic journal established by Physical Educationist and Sports Scientist of India , publishing both research and review articles in the fields of sports and exercise sciences as well as Applied Sciences. IJPESAS also publishes: progress articles, case studies, technical articles, editorials, letters to the editor, abstracts from international and national congresses. IJPESAS is published quarterly in March, June, September and December. Supplemental issues are published according when needed.

    IJPESAS is printed and electronic journal dedicated to promoting scientific knowledge in the multidisciplinary field of sports and applied sciences. According to policy of publishing and format of IJPESAS , the delay in the publishing process is minimal and IJPESAS is unique discussion panel for researchers in the field. IJPESAS covers all aspects of sports and applied sciences including kin- anthropometry, sports medicine, bio-mechanics and biophysical investigation of sports performance, coaching & performance, motor control & learning, exercise physiology, sports nutrition & biochemistry, sports psychology, historical, philosophical and sociological perspectives of sport, management , sport law, physics, chemistry, zoology as the applied sciences   etc.

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